How To Make Eraser | Does DIY Eraser From Corn Starch & Glue Work ?

 How To Make Eraser | Does DIY Eraser From Corn Starch & Glue Work ? Sania Crafts, Hi there, a lot of you might know about the process of making a DIY eraser at home using Corn Starch and Glue. I have also seen some of the youtube videos where people are showing that technic of making eraser and they are also claiming that, the eraser actually works. I don't know, i never tried it yet, but today in this brand new video i am gonna make that diy eraser using corn starch and favicol glue and check if it actually can remove pencil stains.

And by the way, i have another Eraser and sharpener life hack video , if you are interested don't forget to check this out, ================================================================ EASER AND SHARPENER LIFE HACK: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So without wasting any more time lets get started. So as you can see, i have taken a corn flour can and a favicol glue tube. To make the mixture nicely and easily i have taken a plastic sheet, now lets open the can and take some corn flour. I sm taking two and a half tea spoon corn flour initially. now lets add some favicol glue. I am using my hand to mix it properly with corn flour, during the process we can add some more corn flour or glue if necessary. Finally we will get a nice dough like this, Now i am going to give it a shape like an eraser. Wow, it is actually looking nice like the real one. Well, now lets keep it for sometime and let it dry, after that we will gonna check if it works or not. Welcome back, Its been almost a day i have kept it for drying. Now it has become hard, Now lets write something with the pencil and check if our homemade diy eraser works or not. Umm... wht do you think? Is it working? I don't think so, it is unable to remove the pencil stains, lets try again.. no, its not working that much.

well, wht can i say, i don't know if i did any mistakes or are there any more things to do, i don't know.. how people are showing that it works .. wht do you think, if i did any wrong let me know through comment, or if you know any other idea by which we can make eraser at home let me know. So that's all from todays video, I hope you hve enjoyed the video , leave a thumbs up for me and if you are visiting my channel for the first time consider subscribing, till then, be happy, stay safe and i will catch you in my next video. Subscribe Our YouTube Channel: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enjoy more videos: 1. DIY Wall hanging With Bangles and Net Shopping Bag: 2. DIY Plastic Bottle Craft: 3. DIY Hanging Flower Vase for wall: 4. DIY Banner Holder With PVC Pipe: 5. DIY Cloth Rack With PVC Pipe: 6. DIY Miniature Bike Rickshaw: 7. DIY Plastic Bottle Flower: 8. DIY Tree Craft With Old Tree Branch: 9. DIY Cluster Flower: 10. DIY Hanging Flower Vase With Paper: 11. DIY Flower Vase With Jute Stick: 12. DIY Phone Stand Ideas: 13. DIY Earphone Holder: 14. Art With Pencil Shavings: 15. DIY Flower Craft with Paper: 16. DIY Dress Organizer: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Visit Facebook page: Join Our Facebook Community: Visit Our Website: Instragram : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #how_to_make_eraser #eraser #saniacrafts How To Make Eraser | Does DIY Eraser From Corn Starch & Glue Work ? Sania Crafts how to make eraser,how to make eraser at home,diy eraser,eraser,homemade eraser,eraser clay ideas,eraser banane ka tarika,eraser kaise banate hain,5 minute craft eraser,how to make a eraser,erasers,eraser craft,eraser banana sikhaye,pencil rubber,school hacks,eraser kaise banti hai,pencil waste milk eraser,myth busted,diy eraser clay,glue eraser,corn starch glue,how to make eraser with milk,how to make eraser at home easy,how to make pencil eraser,diy

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