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 Homemade Rocket Launcher With Plastic Bottle | Alcohol Rockets | Sania Crafts, Homemade Rocket Launcher With Plastic Bottle | Alcohol Rockets | Sania Crafts, so as you can see , i have taken a plastic bottle, it will be good if you can use a two litre size bottle , but any size will work. I have taken a medium size bottle.

Now i am going to remove the bottle cap and make a little hole in it. As you can see i have made the whole, now its ready, now we can go to the next step. we need some rubbing alcohol to do the experiment. Let me open the bottle cap again and pour a little bit of rubbing alcohol inside of the bottle. Now lets roll the bottle so that the alcohol can be spreaded all places inside the bottle. Well, now our bottle rocket is completely ready, now we will place it in a suitable place and light fire at the bottle of the cap close to that hole we did earliear. So lets see if it works or not. as you can see it worked, its amazing right? now another thing i need to mention here, after the first attempt every time you will go for the next attempt make sure you pump the bottle a bit so that the oxygen can go inside of the bottle and any hot air or gas can come out. And ofcourse don't do this without any precautionary measurements and make sure you are doing it with adult supervision.

So, this is how you can make a rocket out of plastic bottle, i believe you had great fun like me, if so please leave a thumbs up for me and any kind of questions or suggestions in the comment section will be apreciated. So that's all for today, stay safe, be happy and I will catch you in my next videos. Subscribe Our YouTube Channel:
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