13 Basic Craft Tools Every Beginners Should Have | Basic Craft Tools For New Crafters

Crafters must have enough supply of necessary things around them because the creative ideas can come any time. So they need the right tools to make the creative idea happen. So with the craft raw materials here are some basic tools all of the crafters should have in their craft station.

Number 1. 
Hot Glue Gun: 

A mini or a regular size can do the job, but it seems like no matter what craft you’re making, a hot glue gun is a must needed. You can choose any glue gun you like from different types of hot glue gun available in the market. Think which one will be Best Hot Glue Gun for you. You can buy this one if you like. I am personally using it. And its performance is great. 

Number 2:

Beside hot glue gun you also need some kind of adhesive like paper glue, fabric glue , super glue even some sorts of scotch tape , both side scotch tape etc. I use liquid Gorilla Glue and also different types of Scotch Tapes specialized for craft works.

Numner 3. 
Scissors & Knives

For crafting a must use tool is scissors and knives. And for specific craft work there are different types of scissors and knives now a days like cutter bee, x actor knife, rotary cutter, sewing scissors, all purpose scissors, scalpels, pen blades etc. My personal favorite is  Scotch Precision Ultra Edge Scissors. You can choose your useful knives and scissors as your requirement.

Numebr 4. 
Cutting mat:

Initially you can avoid it but gradually for the professional work you must need a cutting mat specially which are self healing . Thus you can do your cutting job quite smoothly. I use ZERRO Self Healing Cutting Double Sided Cutting Mat which is really cool. You can choose the best cutting mat for yourself as per price and requirements.

Number 5: 

Measure twice, cut once applies to the world of crafting as well. Different types of rullers like   T-ruler,  long metal ruler for bigger projects and a tape measure you can have them as your requirements.Check out some Best Rulers suggestions from amazon.

Number 6: 
Paint & Paint Brushes: 

There are so many paints available you can choose with the speciality of your works. Normaly I love acrylic colors. And with that paint accesorries like brushes , pans, canvus etc are also must needed. For Brushes my choice is Transon Art Paint Brush Set with Brush Case Assorted 16pcs for any types of painting. For anything you can pay visit here to select your best products.

Number 7: 
Needle-Nosed Pliers

When making jewelry, beaded projects, keychains and more, sometimes you need a tool that can grab very small items easily. Needle-nosed pliers are just the tool for the job!  I think Cousin Craft & Jewelry Making Tool Kit which comes in 3 pieces will be the best for your job. For your personal preference you can search for your required pliers from here

Number 8. 
Rotary Tool

Smaller and easier to handle than a traditional drill, rotary tools come with many different bits for drilling holes, precision sanding, grinding, slicing, and polishing. I personally prefer WEN 23190 1.3-Amp Variable Speed Steady-Grip Rotary Tool with 190-Piece Accessory Kit, Flex Shaft, and Carrying Case cause you are getting all the necessary things all together at a reasonable price. 

Number 9: 
Cloth-Wrapped Floral Wire:

This is similar to plain floral wire, but wrapped in thread. Excellent for faux flower stems, white cloth-wrapped floral wire can be colored with a permanent marker. But You can buy any color you want. I use green colored cause normally I use them for flower stems. I prefer Onwon 60 Pieces 18 Gauge Floral Stem Wire 14 Inch Crafting Floral Paper Wrapped Wire, Dark Green which is really cool. 

Number 10. 
Floral Tape:

A must-have for flower-making projects. For activating the adhesive wax just stretch and pull, which will enable the tape to stick to itself easily. Try this Livder 12 Rolls Floral Tapes Flower Adhesives for Stem Wrap Flowers Making which I found good quality.

Number 11: 

A classic crafts essential, markers are available in every imaginable color and in a variety of widths, as well as several types of ink, including washable. You can check iBayam Paint Marker Pens, Oil-Based, Extra Fine Point which you will get in 21 colors.

Number 12: 

Crafters do a lot of paper works, so a stock of different papers like color paper, origami paper crepe paper etc must be needed. So for a good collection check out the package of  Origami Paper Double Sided Color where you will get 200 Sheets of 20 Colors. 

Number 13: 
Color fabrics and ribbons: 

Keep a stock of different color fabrics and ribbons too. I use YGEOMER 60 Yards Grosgrain Ribbons Fabric Ribbons which are good quality.

So these are the basic tools you need at the beginning which will make your craft works so easy and professional. If you have more things in mind which i might forget let me know through comment section.

Happy Crafting.

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