12 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts & Hacks Ideas | What Can You Make With Toilet Paper Roll | Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

12 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts & Hacks Ideas | What Can You Make With Toilet paper Roll

Sometime you have a lot of toilet paper roll stored together and you don't know how to use them except throwing them away. But you can make a lot of nice DIY Crafts with those waste things.
In My YouTube Channel  I used to upload various recycled craft ideas . If you get time a little visit will be inspiring for me.
Now lets talk about today's topic . How can we make amazing crafts with Toilet Paper Roll and even we can do some life hack tricks to use those toilet paper roll in some way that will make your life a little but easier.

I am showing about 12 Ideas with toilet paper roll.

1. Making a Mini Hanging Showpiece Self:

Wall Hanging Self For Showpiece

2. DIY Doll Pen Holder / DIY Pen-Stand:
DIY Pen Holder From Toilet Paper Roll

3. DIY penguins / Colorful Penguins from Toilet Paper Roll
Diy Penguin From Toilet Paper Roll

4. Another way of DIY Penguin From Toilet Paper Roll
DIY Penguin From Toilet Paper Roll
5.DIY Bunny / Rabbit From Toilet Paper Roll:
DIY Bunny / Rabbit From Toilet Paper Roll

6. DIY Car For Kids With Toilet Paper Roll: 
DIY Car / Oil Car for kids With Toilet Ppaer Roll

7. How To make Simple Pen Holder / Pen Stand with Toilet Paper Roll
How To Make DIY Pen Stand With Toilet Paper Roll

8. DIY Christmas Tree With Toilet Paper Roll:

DIY Christmas tree with toilet paper roll.

9.DIY Wire Organiser With Toilet Paper Roll:

Wire Organiser
 10. Mobile Phone Sound Amplifier With Toilet Paper Roll:

Mobile Phone Sound Amplifier / Volume Booster DIY
 11. Makign Mobile HOlder / Mobile Stand:

DIY Mobile Stand With Toilet Paper Roll
 12. Mobile Stand / Mobile Holder
Mobile Holder / DIY mobile Stand
 These are some amazing craft and life hack ideas which you can try with your waste toilet paper roll. I have attached the video below where you can find all the tutorials in one video.
Go and check this out .
Dont For get to mention your ideas and also share your suggestion how i should improve my quality.

Watch The Video To learn how to make those amazing things.

Thanks for going through this tutorial. I hope I will continue to make more recycled crafts and share them with you.

I have developed a Facebook Page called Recycled DIY Ideas-Sania Crafts.  Like this page to get more ideas. I have a section of this page on the right side of this webiste too from where You can directly engage .

I also want to learn from you and see your works. So lets build a healthy community of craft loving peoples by joining this beautiful Facebook Group.

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