DIY Fountain Waterfall Using Stones | Make Stone Waterfall Fountain Home...

In this video I have shown how to make a DIY Fountain Waterfall / Make Stone Waterfall Fountain Homemade. Its a DIY Project. This table top Stone Fountain waterfall will give a nice decoration to your home.

To make this Stone Waterfall I used some stones, a plastic base, a plastic bowl, a water pump and a plastic pipe.
The water Pump is to pump the water from the plastic bowl to the top of the stone hill. After making the figure it will look so amazing. I decorated the rock hill with some green plastic plants which gave this tabletop stone fountain a gorgeous look.

My previous Waterfall Fountain video link: Click Here

Now Watch the video till the end to learn how to make this amazing stone waterfall fountain.

Thanks for going through this tutorial. I hope I will continue to make more recycled crafts and share them with you.

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