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Homemade Banner Holder / Diy Banner Stand / Alternative of X- Banner Stand

A few days ago I look for X- Banner Stand for my Coffee Shop but I found them very expensive. Then i was thinking about making an alternative of X Banner Stand of my own. I thought it would be easy and really cheap if I could make my own version of X Banner Stand or Banner Holder from PVC PIPE.

Then after little thinking I made one quite easily.
The things I used..
1. Pvc Pipe
2. Some T plugs
3. Some elbows
4. A saw blade

First of all I drew a sketch and then measured how long the PVC Pipe I need to make this DIY  Banner Stand. Then cut them into pieces.

After cutting all the measurements its just time to arrange all together.
I have recorded the video how I attach them.

You can make this kind of Banner Holder easily with any measurements as you need.

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I will come back with new DIY crafts video.
Till then
Happy Crafting.

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