Recycling Bottles to convert it into a nice flower vase

Last time I showed you how to make a nice pen-holder/pen-stand using waste things like paper and other stuff. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial.

Today I am gonna show you another Recycling Bottles tutorial. Today we are recycling bottles to convert it into a nice unique Flower Vase.

So lets get to it.

First of all collect some bottles and remove the sticker than follow the following steps.

Step 1:
Take the bottle,slit it and cut to get the plain plastic sheet of middle. Now Draw a little flower off five or six petals in a paper than trace it into the plastic sheet. Than cut them carefully. after cutting bend the petals to give it a nice flower shape. Make some of them around 15 to 20.

Step 2:
Now color them using your favorite colors. I used nail polish to color them as they give a nice glittering looks. You can also use acrylic colors. After coloring them attach little colorful beads in the center of the flower using glue.

Step 3:
Take other part of the bottle cut it to make some branch of the flowers. After cutting give a little heat to curve them. Make some leaves too like the picture bellow. Than color it green with your favorite colors.

Step 4:
Now attach the flower in the branches with the help of hard glue. Give it some time to dry the glue. See the picture bellow.

Step 5:
Well you are almost done now attach all the parts together in a base. For the base use the remaining bottom part of the bottle. Apply hot glue to attach all the parts together.
Wow you finally made a nice recycling bottle project. See finally how it looks like...

 To see more specifically here is the video tutorial.

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Love for all.
Happy Recycling.

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