Recycling Bottles To Convert It Into A Nice Showpiece In A Very Easy Way ( DIY )

Recycling Bottles To Convert It Into A Nice Showpiece In A Very Easy Way ( DIY )

Hello blog, hope you doing well. Today I am gonna show you how to make a nice little covert tree from empty plastic bottle. Yep, recycling bottles is an art. If you can learn how to utilize them then you can also make a lot of nice showpieces and crafts for your loving ones. Even you can make little toys for kids which will be loved bye them so much.
So now lets talk about today's recycling bottles project. Today we will make a nice Covert Tree from empty wasted plastic bottles.
Plastic Bottle Crafts - Covert Tree
For this plastic bottle crafts you will need the things are-
1. Plastic Bottle
2. Scissors
3. Glue
4. Beads
5. Metal Wire
6. Color

So now lets follow the following steps

Step 1:  
First of all take a medium size plastic bottle and remove the sticker. Than slit it with knife and cut it to get a plastic sheet. Than using a marker draw a model of round leaves and cut the sheet using outlines to make a nice round shape leave. Make some of them.

Step 2:
After that use metal wire to make the branch of the covert tree. Join all the leaves in wire and give it a tree shape.

Step 3:
Now its time to color. Color the leaves and wire green. Use acrylic colors as they are good enough to remain permanent longer.

Step 4:
Now for the base take anything of your choice. Here i have taken a empty juice paper box. Take your one and cut it like rectangle.after coloring it place the tree in it using glue or scotch tape. Now you have almost completed the recycling bottles project.

Step 5: Now its time to decorate it as you like to give it a nice and wonderful look. I have used some colorful beads and made some insects and placed it in the leaves.
In the following video you can see the full demonstration of this recycling bottles project.

See The Video Tutorials To Learn Easily 

Now a beautiful Recycling Bottles Project has been completed and it turns into a nice little show piece. Try more Recycling crafts ideas. Feel free to comment , ask any question and share.
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Thanks to all
Happy Reycling

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